Are you looking to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation? There is absolutely no need to do this manually in 2023. There are now a ton of CRM platforms on the market, specifically designed to automate your LinkedIn messaging outreach. But which tool is best and which will protect your LinkedIn account? In this article, we'll review 6 of the best CRMs specifically designed for LinkedIn messaging automation breaking down key features, pros and cons, pricing models and more. Read on to find out which platform we think ticks all the boxes for 2023.

LinkedIn, being the largest social media platform for enterprises and professionals, is the go-to place for generating highly quality b2b leads, but getting the most out of LinkedIn requires time and effort, engaging in activities, posting updates, and ensuring your availability. Most business owners simply don't have time for this. Thankfully most of your daily LinkedIn grind can be automated and there are now a ton of solutions available for exactly that.

Utilising a CRM specifically designed for LinkedIn automation can be hugely powerful for generating leads and building your network. For example, I recently used Dripify in combination with Apollo to build an audience of founders that recently raised money and subsequently add them on LinkedIn and pitch my services as a digital marketer to founders. It worked a treat. Just make sure your LinkedIn outreach strategy is water tight.

Is this safe you may ask? Well, most of the software mentioned below offer several features that help you bypass LinkedIn restrictions and automatically engage with prospects. They also contain safeguards that keep your LinkedIn account from being flagged or suspended.

What are the features to look for in a LinkedIn messaging automation tool?

Choosing a CRM for LinkedIn outreach can be very confusing if you don't know what you're looking for. Each CRM discussed in this article advertises tempting offers that seem to meet all your needs. However, you should note that few of these services satisfy the requirements of all your LinkedIn needs. For that concern, here are some of the key features to look out for when choosing a CRM for LinkedIn outreach:

LinkedIn Integration

Undoubtedly, the first feature a CRM for LinkedIn outreach needs is integration with the platform. You should be able to automate the following processes:

  • Invites, and follow up messages
  • Visiting profiles and endorsing skills
  • Engaging on your target audiences posts.

In terms of adding contacts, you should expect a number of options including importing CSV's containing LinkedIn profile URLs, built in prospecting searches to help you find relevant audinces and browser extensions that let you add profiles or searches directly into the CRM as you browse LinkedIn.  

Activity Control

Outreach needs activity control that helps limit excessive engagement on the platform. These security features reduce the risk of your account getting banned by notifying you when you’re close to exceeding LinkedIn's limits.

Ease of Use

LinkedIn CRMs are, amongst other things, designed to save time by chasing down prospects and on-boarding them. They are designed to save you time, so it's not a good platform if you need to spend hours learning how to use the darn thing! It must be intuitive, requiring little time for users to get up to speed.

Low Cost

One of the hallmarks of a good SaaS is affordability, and CRMs for LinkedIn outreach are no exception. Any CRM you pay for must offer economical subscription plans, and the cost of upgrading shouldn't break the bank. If the software isn't budget-friendly, it must offer features equivalent to its pricing model. In my experience, LinkedIn outreach often tends to lead to a good ROI, so these tools should easily pay for themselves after a few months of tweaking your campaigns.

Integrations with your main CRM

Many LinkedIn CRMs dedicate their resources to campaigns and lead generation, leaving other aspects of customer management untouched. As a result, the LinkedIn CRM you choose, should make it easy to interface with the major existing CRM platforms to share lead data with them.

So with that out of the way, let's jump right into the reviews...

The Top 6 Best CRM Software For LinkedIn Automation Are:

  1. Dripify
  2. Meet Alfred
  3. Waalaxy
  4. Octopus CRM
  5. Linvo
  6. Dux-Soup

Quick Comparison of The Best LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tools

Software Starting Price Differentiator
Dripify from $39/user/month The best all round CRM for LinkedIn automation and outreach
Meet Alfred from $39/month Send emails as well as LinkedIn engagements
Waalaxy from €28/month Easy to use Chrome extension for use with LinkedIn in the browser
Octopus CRM From $6.99 per month Extremely good value for money
Linvo $50 per month Provides maximum account safety
Dux-Soup from $11.25/user/month Downloadable app, runs outside the browser

Does LinkedIn allow message automation? Will I get banned?

LinkedIn clearly states in its terms of service that users may not use third-party tools to automatically collect information from the LinkedIn website. Additionally, users may not use automated tools to post content or engage with other users. Any violations of these rules may result in a ban.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn detects automation by the number of daily activities users perform. If a user engages in excessive activities, it flags the account as suspicious. Consequently, you can get away with using automated tools on LinkedIn as long as you don't exceed the daily limit, or your activity doesn’t seem doubtful.

Does LinkedIn have built-in automation?

Yes, LinkedIn has built-in automation. The Sales Navigator is LinkedIn's proprietary automated lead generation tool. In fact, before you can use most third-party automation tools with LinkedIn, you must have a Sales Navigator account.

It will keep your account from being suspended while providing free in-app emails and LinkedIn integrations with CRM software. Additionally, the Sales Navigator provides analytics and reports on your lead performance.

1. Dripify

Founded: 2019
HQ: Austin, Texas, United States

Key info Price: Basic: $39/user/month, Pro: $59/user/month, Advanced: $79/user/month
Free plan: No Trial length: 7 days
Support: 24/7, Email
Best for The best all round CRM for LinkedIn automation and outreach
Pros + Pre-built campaigns
+ Sequence Automation
+ Reply to LinkedIn messages within the app itself
Cons - Basic plan has only one campaign
- No campaign-level stats
- Managing audiences for campaigns is a manual process
Integrations Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, and many more

Dripify’s value preposition is the Drip Campaign builder, which assists you with generating leads and performing other LinkedIn activities on autopilot. This cloud-based automation tool allows you to define an execution workflow based on input data. You can add leads to your campaign by filtering your target audience in the LinkedIn search bar and importing their URLs or simply importing a list of profile URLs as a CSV. Furthermore, you can generate a sequence of triggers and actions that operate on the leads and launch your campaign to run automatically.

In addition to this, Dripify also offers LinkedIn Analytics tool that tracks all your LinkedIn activities and presents them in detailed reports. It also provides timely notifications on unread messages, connection requests, and profile views. Dripify’s LinkedIn integration is so sophisticated as to allow you control your LinkedIn timeline in-app. Moreover, this tool helps you evaluate your campaign performance using metrics on won leads, accepted invitations, and other LinkedIn activities.

Dripify offers several safeguards that keep your LinkedIn account secure and safe from suspension. For instance, it assigns an IP from your local region to your Dripify account so that all LinkedIn actions look natural. In addition, the autopilot simulates page views and button clicks to look like human activities. You can also place an artificial limiter on the autopilot to prevent your LinkedIn from suspending your account for excessive activity.

Dripify provides many more features and functionalities, including a smart inbox, that allows you to reply to your LinkedIn messages within the app, instead of having to navigate back and forth between apps. It also includes handy Integrations with third-party software like the common CRMs, via Zapier and team management. It’s noteworthy, however, that some of these advanced features are locked behind the more expensive subscription plans. Nevertheless, Dripify is easily one of the most capable LinkedIn CRMs for 2023. Despite its young age, it has earned its top spot on our list.

Dripify scores 4.6/5 on G2 and 3.8/5 on Capterra

2. Meet Alfred

Founded: 2018
HQ: Sydney, Australia

Key info Price: Personal: $39/month, Business: $69/month, Enterprise: $499/month
Free plan: No Trial length: 7 days
Support: 24/7 (Chat)
Best for Business that want to do email and LinkedIn outreach from one app
Pros + Detects and notifies users of response messages
+ It’s cloud-based
+ Offers multi-channel campaigns
Cons - No country-wise filters
- Email feature lacks preview and signature
- Difficult to upload contacts
Integrations Zapier, Outlook, Twitter, Hyperise

Meet Alfred is a sales-boosting CRM used by more than 89,000 users around the world, including Amazon and Airbus. It’s a multi-channel sales pipeline that allows you to connect with a prospect on LinkedIn and follow them up on email or Twitter.

Meet Alfred helps you send personalized emails that stand out from the numerous email prospects received daily. It provides a template library that you can use to tailor messages to match a lead's industry, location, or job title. Moreover, Meet Alfred allows you to attach documents and media files to your messages, creating a positive first impression on your leads.

Meet Alfred is so effective in generating leads that you can quickly become overwhelmed by many contacts and connections. Luckily, Meet Alfred's LinkedIn scraper software helps you organize and manage all your contacts in one location. This built-in CRM tool uses search filtering to organize prospects based on common features.

One of Meet Alfred's stand-out features is the LinkedIn account management and team collaboration tool. This feature allows you to onboard multiple members, efficiently assigning permissions, roles, and responsibilities. Furthermore, it provides performance metrics for each team member from a single dashboard. Each team member is granted the ability to conduct independent campaigns, schedule social media posts, and check inboxes.

Customers have contrasting opinions about this software. Many have complained about the poor customer support and lack of country-wise filters. However, other customers have praised its flexibility and multi-channel campaigns so you should definitely give it a go as per your preferences.

Meet Alfred scores 2.8/5 on G2 and 2.5/5 on Capterra

3. Waalaxy

Founded: 2018
HQ: Montpellier, Herault, France

Key info Price: Pro: €28/month, Advanced: €56/month, Business: €80/month
Free plan: Yes Support: 24/7 (Chat)
Best for Easy to use Chrome extension for use with LinkedIn in the browser
Pros + Visual scenario management is intuitive
+ GDPR Compliant
+ Pre-defined Campaigns
Cons - Cannot manage multiple LinkedIn accounts
- Its paid subscriptions are a bit expensive
- Emails aren’t personalized
Integrations Zapier, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Abyssale

Waalaxy is a full-featured LinkedIn prospecting tool that promises to save up to 70% of the time spent generating and converting leads. Waalaxy's features, wrapped up in an affordable and easy-to-use software package,  help you contact up to 100 leads per week. What's more, Waalaxy serves more than 50,000 customers, including Yahoo and Thales.

Waalaxy lets you access LinkedIn’s B2B database containing more than 700 million profiles. You can contact thousands of leads every month and even bypass LinkedIn’s invitation limit without risking your account. Waalaxy achieves this feat using an automated multi-channel campaign system that sends invitations through LinkedIn and emails. This tool also conducts automated follow-ups when people visit your profile or comment on your posts.

With little to no technical skills, you can use Waalaxy’s email finder to contact leads that aren’t responding to your LinkedIn invitation requests. It integrates with DropContact to filter spam and unverified emails from LinkedIn’s profile database. Many customers praise Waalaxy’s email finder, with one satisfied user stating that:

“I love how easy it was to collect prospect emails, add them to a list, a campaign, and reach out to them. It's made LinkedIn outreach so much easier for my business.”

Waalaxy has excellent reviews on G2 and Trustpilot, scoring highly on ease of use and setup. Many users have reported abandoning other LinkedIn CRMs in favor of Waalaxy, citing the email finder and clean UI/UX.

Waalaxy scores 4.8/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra

4. Octopus CRM

Founded: 2018

Key info Price: Started: $6.99 per month, Pro: $9.99 per month, Advanced: $14.99 per month, Unlimited: $24.99 per month
Free plan: No
Trial: 7 days
Support: Email
Best for Businesses with smaller budgets
Pros + Automated personalized messaging
+ Can gather a large number of leads in a short time
+ In-built CRM
Cons - Funnel is not fully automated
- Lacks templates
- Targeting features are limited
Integrations Zapier, Hubspot, Google Docs

Octopus CRM offers an all-in-one CRM solution for bulk operations on LinkedIn. It works to improve your relationships with leads by sending automated responses when they interact with your campaigns. Unlike many other CRMs that can only work with a Sales Navigator account, Octopus CRM works with all LinkedIn account types, including LinkedIn Free.Octopus CRM uses filtered profiles in the LinkedIn search or a CSV file with prepared URLs to find your target audience. These leads are then sorted into various categories, including connecting, visiting, and messaging, depending on what action you’d like to perform. Finally, you can review and launch your campaign to start executing automated actions with your leads.

Octopus CRM provides a Google Chrome browser extension that simplifies generating leads from LinkedIn and sending them to the CRM. The CRM app offers many more features, including in-app messaging, LinkedIn statistics, and third-party integrations. It also provides activity control that notifies you of excessive activity so that you can prevent account suspension or outright deactivation.

Most LinkedIn CRMs try to automate as many features as possible, but Octopus CRM takes a more conservative approach. It automates activities that wouldn't get your LinkedIn account flagged while helping as much as possible with manual actions. Consequently, very few customers, if any, have complained about account suspension when using Octopus CRM.

Octopus CRM offers some of the cheapest subscription plans of any CRM on this list, with the highest tier just under $25. As such, it's hardly surprising that this software is highly rated on review sites.

Waalaxy scores 4.4/5 on G2 and 4.6/5 on Capterra

5. Linvo

Founded: 2020
HQ: Newcastle, Delaware, United States

Key info Price: $50 per month
Free plan: No Trial length: 7 days
Support: 24/7 (Live chat support)
Best for Businesses looking for maximum account safety
Pros + It can be set up within minutes
+ The interface is simple and easy to use
+ Personalized invites and messages
Cons - Doesn’t support safari browser
- The dashboard and settings windows needed manual refreshing after updates
- Doesn’t support A/B testing
Integrations Zapier, Webhooks

Linvo is arguably the safest CRM for LinkedIn automation on this list. The general strategy for bypassing LinkedIn's invitation limit is to plan daily invitations carefully or use demi accounts. However, Linvo takes this further and completely automates your demi accounts, allowing you to send unlimited daily invitations without risking your main account.

Linvo combines inboxes, invitations, and campaigns from an unlimited number of demi accounts into one location. As a result, you only need to create one campaign, and the software automatically distributes the workload across all accounts. Linvo uses a proprietary algorithm to mimic human actions and generate separate IPs for each account. Linvo's drag-and-drop campaign builder is intuitive and very easy to use. It provides advanced commands, triggers, and conditional branches that help you create an automated workflow. Using this workflow, you can message, visit, and endorse prospects' profiles with little human intervention.

Linvo's automation strategy evidently works, judging by a 4.9/5 rating on G2 and near-perfect scores. Its advanced analytics allow you to view performance metrics on all your LinkedIn demi accounts without switching between them. What's more, it provides an in-app web browser that allows you to access your LinkedIn account without switching between tabs.

For just $50 a month, you can have unlimited contacts, messages, and profile views. This singular subscription tier unlocks all of Linvo’s features with no hidden costs. You get access to 24/7 chat and support for LinkedIn premium and sales navigator accounts.

Linvo scores 4.9/5 on G2 and 4.0/5 on Capterra

6. Dux-Soup

Founded: 2016
HQ: Mountain View, California, United States

Key info Price: Individual: • Pro Dux: $11.25/user/month • Turbo Dux: $41.25/user/month, Team: • Pro Edition: $135/year • Turbo Edition: $495/year, Agency: • Dux-Soup Pro: $337.50/month • Dux-Soup Turbo: $412.5/month
Free plan: Yes
Support: Support call, email & chat
Best for Business that prefer a dedicated app rather than a cloud based solution
Pros + X-ray tool that allows you to find ideal LinkedIn profiles on google
+ Highly specific targeting and segmentation
+ Unlimited campaigns
+ Automates LinkedIn basic connection activity
Cons - Steap learning curve
- Slows down LinkedIn
- UI is clunky
Integrations Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, LeadFuze

Dux-Soup is popular for its lead-generation capabilities that help users to close deals faster. It serves as a virtual assistant on LinkedIn, allowing you to take notes on each profile you visit. Dux-Soup also fosters connections between you and your leads by giving them the option to visit your profile when you visit theirs.

Dux-Soup automatically engages with LinkedIn prospects, sending personalized messages and campaigns. It also halts all messages once a response has been received. Dux-Soup can run an unlimited number of these campaigns concurrently with up to 12 messages per campaign. In addition, you can set delays between each message to avoid being flagged as a spam account.

Most LinkedIn CRM focus on lead generation without giving much thought to managing the acquired leads. Dux-Soup stands out from competitors in this regard, offering advanced lead management tools. This software qualifies leads in and out of the funnel using a funnel flow strategy. It can also reflow lost leads into the funnel for another shot at converting them.

Another important feature Dux-Soup provides is integration with CRM tools like Hubspot and Pipedrive. It allows you to import contacts from these software and run drip campaigns from them. You can also export lead data to authorized third-party software. Additionally, Dux-Soup supports all LinkedIn account types, including LinkedIn Recruiter.

Dux-Soup offers three pricing models depending on your business size and team size. Each model is affordable and scales nicely to match your CRM needs. Nevertheless, customers have complained about the unintuitive UI and steep learning curve.

Quoter scores 4.1/5 and 4.3/5 on Capterra

How to pick the right LinkedIn message automation tool

It is crucial you pick the right LinkedIn automation tool so that you can manage your business seamlessly without the hassle of performing manual tasks on LinkedIn.

This article has outlined the top features to consider when making your decision. Nevertheless, we recognize that some software services offer similar feature sets and compare competitively with each other. We strongly recommend taking free trials for each of the above software to see which one you’re most comfortable with and suits best to your needs.

Furthermore, SaaS providers are very clever in disguising the true cost of using their software. What appears affordable at face value may contain hidden charges that would break the bank. So, always carefully analyze the cost of each software.

Our Top Pick - Dripify

Dripify offers a cloud-based autopilot, analytics tools, and several safety measures. These features, combined with smart inboxes and extensive integrations, make it Toksta’s top CRM for LinkedIn automation for 2023.

Try Dripify Free

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