Did you know that as of 2022 there are an estimated 30,000 SaaS companies and the market is estimated to be worth a total of $307 billion dollars by 2026.

Today, there are so many SaaS (Software as a Service) options on the market it can make your head spin. Navigating through the paid ads, dubious reviews, and dodgy affiliate schemes can be expensive as well as time-consuming.

During his 8 years as a Growth Marketer, Toksta founder Samuel Cassman had experienced this SaaS paralysis personally. While searching for CRMs, SEO tools, popup launchers, form builders and more, hours if not weeks of time was wasted trying different products, only to find out that the functionality promised doesn't quite stack up to expectations. The proess is time consuming and costly and often leads to complex and expensive migrations much later down the line.  

The story is the same for thousands of founders, freelancers, corporations and solopreneurs across the world.  

Software review giants like G2 and Capterra promise transparency and a fair playing field, but have simply ended up giving visibility to the biggest, most established players in each category. The hundreds of new SaaS platforms launched every month have little to no chance of being found, even if their offering is superior.

Seeking to cut through the noise, Toksta was launched in July of 2022 with the aim of providing startups, SMEs, and working professionals with informative, trustworthy reviews of the best available SaaS on the market. Bringing transparency where there was little to none before.

Toksta was founded with this intention at its core—to save businesses time and money by helping them select software that aligns directly with their specific business needs. Our team research extensively—trying SaaS products for ourselves and curating countless reviews from trusted sources—to bring you the most optimal options for your business.

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