Sam is a highly skilled and experienced growth marketer with over six years of experience in driving growth for startups and small businesses. Throughout his career, he has worked with a wide range of companies across different industries, helping them to develop and execute effective marketing strategies that deliver results.

Sam's journey as a marketer began when he joined The Economist as a Loyalty Marketing Coordinator in 2017. During his time there, he was responsible for driving new gift acquisitions through targeted paid search and social media campaigns. He also managed the creation and delivery of marketing assets for the Member Get Member gift subscriptions program.

In 2018, Sam joined, the UK's fastest-growing marketplace for used cars which recently accrued a $1 billion valuation, making it one of the UKs most well known unicorns. As the company's second employee and its Growth Marketing Manager.

During his time there, he played a key role in scaling the company's customer acquisition, activation, and retention efforts, helping it to become the UK's fastest-growing marketplace for used cars.

At, Sam was responsible for developing and executing the company's PPC, SEO, and content marketing strategies, which resulted in a 500% increase in customer inquiries and an average of 3,000 inquiries a day. He also oversaw the creation and management of 20+ automated email journeys, which sent over 20,000 email/SMS communications a day, resulting in a 400% increase in 'offer selects' from email.

In addition, Sam built a team of in-house and freelance writers to produce 90+ long-form guide pieces, which grew traffic to content from 50 page views a day to 15,000 (+29,900%). He also headed up customer research using qualitative and quantitative techniques to gain insight into brand sentiment and product issues, feeding this back to the wider team.

The Toksta Offices at Plus X Innovation Hub In Brighton, UK

Following his successful tenure at, Sam started his own growth marketing consultancy, Honest Growth, where he continues to help startups and small businesses develop and execute effective marketing strategies. Some of his notable clients include Eventcube, Baluu, Obby, MIST, Rightcharge, NBM Group, R&S Records, Socialbottle, Therestisnoise, and Cacaopowdeobar.

In June 2022, Sam founded Toksta, a software and SaaS research technology company. The company's mission is to help businesses research and buy the best possible software and SaaS through research technology. As the company's founder, Sam is responsible for driving its growth and overseeing its operations.

Sam's extensive experience in growth marketing and his track record of delivering results make him a highly sought-after marketing consultant. He is known for his ability to develop and execute effective marketing strategies that drive growth and deliver ROI. His expertise in PPC, SEO, content marketing, and customer research make him a valuable asset to any company looking to grow its customer base and increase its revenue.