Are you looking for low-cost, full-featured CRM software to help you reach a wider audience? Check out our list of the five best CRMs of life coaches. In this article, we discuss the pros, cons, and pricing plans of each software. We also examine the features that could raise the bar for your life coaching business.

As most of you reading already know, the bulk of your life coaching business revolves around your customers. Involving more than just maximizing the time spent in a session, you need to develop deep and lasting relationships with your clients. A CRM is just the right tool to help you achieve this goal, raising your profile and increasing the success of your business.

CRMs are extremely helpful in managing clients and keeping track of their progress. They’re excellent appointment scheduling tools, serving as digital personal assistants. Furthermore, CRMs can help you impress leads, gain new clients and grow your business. All things considered, a CRM is an indispensable tool for life coaches.

What is Important to Look for in a CRM for Life Coaches?

Few businesses require as deep a client relationship as life coaching. Because of this, your CRM needs should revolve around client interaction and communication. Your budget should also be a top priority if you want to increase profits. Here are the top factors to consider when choosing a CRM.

  1. Low cost

    As a life coach, you’re often a solo enterprise with modest capital. Consequently, you must manage your budget carefully and choose CRMs that wouldn’t break the bank. Therefore, we recommend looking for CRMs with free or low-cost entry plans.

  2. Full feature set

    Low-cost software is often of poor quality and contains few features. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when choosing a CRM for your enterprise. Several CRMs out there provide a full feature set for little to no cost. Many of them only require a subscription plan as your business grows. As such, you should look for fully featured software that meets all of your CRM needs.

  3. Easy to use

    The best CRM for Life Coaches must be easy to use without external help. It should have adequate customer support and tutorials on how to use its features, along with a highly responsive user interface that is easy to navigate.

  4. Plenty of integrations

    As a life coach, you use several other software to run your business. For example, Zoom can be used to teach an online class or Calendly to book appointments. Any CRM you choose must provide seamless integration support for these software. This would help you save on hiring developers to provide these functionalities.

Examples of How Life Coaches Use CRM

The success of any life coaching business comes from the number and caliber of clients you can help achieve their personal and professional goals. As a result, life coaches look for CRMs to help nurture leads and manage their clients effectively. These two concepts may seem simple, but they’re much more nuanced and involve several activities. Some of these activities include:

  1. Lead Nurturing
    Life coaches use CRMs to follow up on prospective clients and develop lasting relationships with them. These leads will ultimately become clients through constant communications, customer service, and targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Email Marketing
    CRMs can help boost sales through the sales pipeline and digital marketing tools they provide. These features are not limited to the sale of physical products. Rather, life coaches can adapt them to advertise and sell their courses or one-on-one sessions.
  3. Building Forms and Landing Pages
    Life coaches use CRMs to build web forms and landing pages they can embed in their websites and emails. They use landing pages for advertising their services and forms to collect sign-ups. Life coaches can also use these tools to create and send periodic newsletters to their clients.
  4. Integrations With Course Creation Platforms
    CRMs provide integrations with many different software, including teaching software like Thinkfic, and Teachable. As such, life coaches can create personalized course content for their clients based on the customer data collected in CRM tools.

Quick Comparison for CRMs for Life Coaches

Software Price Differentiator
ActiveCampaign From $9 per month Category-defining customer experience automation platform
EngageBay From $12 per month Most comprehensive software solution for life coaches
Zoho CRM From $11 per user Affordablity makes it perfect for life coaches on a budget
Apptivo From $8 per month User-friendly and versatile CRM
Gist Free (from 2 users) Great value for bundles of features

The Top 5 Best CRM Software For Life Coaches Are:

  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. Engagebay
  3. Zoho CRM
  4. Apptivo
  5. Gist

1. ActiveCampaign

Founded: 2003
HQ: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Key info Free Trial: 14 days
Support: 24/7 (phone + email)
Best for Life Coaches looking for a low-cost, all-in-one solution
Pros + Easy for segmentation and tracking customers behavior
+ Great for email sign-ups and pop-up windows
+ Built-in marketing email templates and email campaign tools
Cons - Some terminology may be confusing to new users
- You have to wait about 5-10 minutes to send an email after creating a new email list
- Image management for email campaigns could use some work
Integrations Salesforce, Accounting Suite, Xero, Quickbooks, and 870+ more
Pricing model* Lite: $9/mo
Plus: $49/mo
Professional: $149/mo
Enterprise: On quotation

Topping our list is ActiveCampaign, which is arguably the best all-in-one CRM software of 2022. It’s very popular among small-scale businesses due to its affordable starting price of just $9. Using an automated customer engagement pipeline, ActiveCampaign helps you forge deeper relationships with your clients and grow your life coaching business.

ActiveCampaign’s selling point is its smart automation system, the most advanced automated pipeline of CRM on this list. This tool allows you to create complex flowgraphs that send email campaigns, track customer behavior, and automatically nurture your leads. According to an online training platform, Smart Gets Paid, ActiveCampaign’s sales automation has halved the time spent on administrative tasks. As a result, they have grown their contact list by more than 2700 percent.

While ActiveCampaign may not have a free plan, the sheer number of features in the starter plan is an adequate compromise. The Lite plan provides integrations with more than 850 apps, so you can be sure that your favorite teaching software is properly supported. You can also send unlimited emails, subscription forms, and newsletters to your clients. What’s more, ActiveCampaign’s webhooks, API, and developer tools are available within this plan, giving tech-savvy customers total control over the software.

Another of ActiveCampaign’s features is the landing page builder that helps convert prospects to full clients. This drag-and-drop tool is very easy to use and customize. It also provides several templates to customize and create branded forms and landing pages. Before you commit to this software, you should know that ActiveCampaign requires you to be on the Plus plan or higher to access the landing page builder. Nevertheless, in light of the additional features in this plan, the upgrade is worth its price.

ActiveCampaign has consistently topped any comparison list it’s found on, and for a good reason. While it may not offer the most amount of features, the ones on display are, more often than not, more advanced than competing products. With nearly two decades of experience providing SaaS products, it's safe to say that ActiveCampaign is the gold standard of CRMs.

2. EngageBay

Founded: 2018
HQ: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Key info
Free Trial: Unlimited with free plan
Support: Phone, email, & chat
Best for Life coaches looking for an affordable CRM system
Pros + Great CRM to use for Marketing, Sales, and Lead Generation
+ Excellent funnel builder
+ Automatic data entry
Cons - Very few drag-and-drop options in templates
- No SMS Function
-The workflow editor can be simpler and easier to understand
Integrations DocuSign, Zapier, QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify
Pricing model* Basic: $12/mo
Growth: $40/mo
Pro: $80/mo

EngageBay is an upcoming, general-purpose CRM software currently giving Hubspot a run for its money. It offers the Marketing, CRM & Sales Bay, and Service Bay software packages which you can get individually or as an all-in-one bundle. EngageBay also offers a free plan that allows you to manage up to 500 clients. This is one of the reasons why EngageBay has cultivated a loyal customer base of 29,500 users in just a few years.

EngageBay allows you to create responsive landing pages that promote your services. This feature ships with the free version of this software and is extremely easy to use. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop designer, you can develop engaging content within minutes. Furthermore, the landing page builder is flexible and customizable, allowing you to choose your own fonts, colors, and elements. Also, EngageBay provides several blog posts and tutorials on how to use this feature.

As a life coach, much of your business involves one-on-one sessions with your clients. To that end, EngageBay provides appointment scheduling software that helps you manage online meetings. This system includes an integrated calendar, automated scheduling, and an interface allowing your clients to book appointments directly. What’s more, it syncs to your Office 365 or Google calendar and sends reminders and notifications to all parties participating in the meeting.

EngageBay provides many more features that are useful to your life coaching business. For example, the 360-degree customer view tracks customer behavior and preferences. It also pulls data from their social media profiles, giving you an insight into their perception of your company. All customer data is stored in a central location, so all your employees and team members have easy access to them.

EngageBay’s free plan and cheap starter plan contain features that address most of your business’s needs. However, if you need advanced features like integrations with teaching software and sales automation, or you simply need to increase your contact limit, you have to switch to higher subscription tiers. EngageBay’s most expensive CRM plan is under $50, so this upgrade shouldn’t break the bank.

3. Zoho CRM

Founded: 2005
HQ: Austin, Texas, United States; Chennai India

Key info Free Plan: yes
Support: Phone, email, & chat
Best for Beginners in CRM and CRM software
Pros + Beginner-friendly for CRM first timers
+ Easy deployment
+ Point and click automation and workflows
+The reporting system is very good
Cons - Getting custom coding and Blueprint is a little difficult
- Limitation integrations with other software
-Bad experience with customer support
Integrations Salesforce, SugarCRM, OneDrive, and many more
Pricing model* Standard: $12/mo
Professional: $20/mo
Enterprise: $35/mo

Zoho has a long-standing legacy as a SaaS provider for small businesses. Over 25 years, it has gathered more than 80 million paying customers that use the 50 applications in its software packages. Zoho CRM offers most of the free plan, allowing you to enjoy this fully-featured software without breaking the bank. In fact, you only need to upgrade to Zoho CRM’s paid subscriptions as your business grows.

Zoho CRM’s Omnichannel is a tool every life coach should aim to get their hands on. It’s a real-time communication suite that hosts multiple channels under a single platform. To begin with, Omnichannel integrates your email inbox within the app. Additionally, the Phonebridge integration connects you with over 50 telephony companies, so you can make calls, log calls, and receive notifications all within Zoho. The Omnichannel also connects your social media profiles so that you can track conversations about your business on the internet.

Zoho CRM allows you to embed Omnichannel’s live chat service and web forms within your website. Using these features, you can instantly capture leads that visit your web pages and convert them into life-long customers. Moreover, it provides a self-service portal to create, edit, and comment on their information.

Each client has different needs, so you must adopt a unique approach when dealing with them. Using Zoho CRM’s marketing automation tool, you can segment customers based on various parameters and send them personalized messages. This feature is especially helpful with lead nurturing, ensuring you remain up to date with potential clients and developing deeper relationships with them. In addition, the marketing automation tool allows you to scan business cards and import them into the app, so you never lose another lead’s contact.

Most of the features a life coaching business needs from Zoho CRM are available in the free plan. As such, you only need to upgrade to the paid plans if you need advanced features like AI insights, data encryption, and customer segmentation. The mobile app is free to use and retains all the functionality of the web-based app. Furthermore, the paid subscription plans are very affordable, unlocking all of Zoho CRM’s features for a $45 monthly fee.

Zoho CRM’s ratings are average compared to other software on this list. This is largely due to limited integration support, outdated UI, and subpar customer service. Nevertheless, you should note that Zoho CRM still scores highly on ease of use and setup. It has a loyal customer base and is a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

4. Apptivo

Founded: 2009
HQ: Fremont, California, United States

Key info Free plan: Yes
Support: Phone, email, & chat
Best for Life coaches with a specific set of CRM requirements
Pros + Customizable fields
+ Apptivo CRM is very flexible and user friendly
+ Good customer Service
Cons - Some of the templates are hard to customize
- Reporting needs improvement
-Creating email templates is confusing
Integrations Paypal, Quickbooks, Xero, and Slack
Pricing model* Lite: $8/mo
Premium $12/mo
Ultimate: $20/mo
Enterprise: On quotation

Apptivo’s collection of marketing tools, HRMs, CRMs, and other applications make it the most modular platform on this list. With Apptivo, you only pay for what you use, allowing for an affordable and highly customizable experience. The number and categories of apps you can install on Apptivo depend on your subscription tier. For instance, you can get the entire CRM and marketing suite for just $20 on the Ultimate plan.

If you’re budget-conscious and looking to save money, you can try Apptivo’s free plan, which offers useful features like appointment scheduling, call logging, and task creation. However, this plan can only handle a fraction of your business activities with just eight free apps. You’d have to upgrade to higher subscription plans to get more powerful features like third-party integrations, email tracking, and marketing campaigns.

Appttivo’s My Agenda tool is an excellent appointment scheduling application. It provides a calendar view of all events, tasks, and follow-ups, allowing you to identify and complete them quickly. In addition, the task system provides powerful sorting and filtering functionalities that you can use to view pending tasks by status, priority, CRM role, and user-defined tags. The event system is quite similar, but with the added functionality of assigning attendees.

Apptivo has high ratings on G2, with its highest-rated features being customer support, flexibility, and task management. Despite some criticisms with UI and email templates, many customers praise its versatility and customization options. This software is very intuitive to use, and several tutorials on the website guide you on how to use its features. A satisfied customer states that what they like best about Apptivo is that:

“I am always able to get an agent through the embedded chat widget. It is like having a teacher or assistant sitting beside me all the time.”

5. Gist

Founded: 2020
HQ: Newark, Delaware, United States

Key info Free plan: Yes
Support: Phone, email, & chat
Best for Sales support for business organizations
Pros + Real-time chat and communication with customers
+ Multiple filter options to create different customer segments<
Cons - Gist may falsely label some emails as spam
- Inability to embed video/GIF in the broadcast emails
Integrations Zapier, PieSync, Google Analytics, and many more
Pricing model* Professional: $48/mo (up to five users)
Premium $128 /mo (unlimited users)

Gist is a general-purpose CRM software that scales small, medium, and large-scale businesses. It is popular for the advanced marketing and automation tools that make client onboarding a smooth experience. Gist has earned its place on this list, offering an easy-to-understand user interface and email automation.

Gist’s most appealing feature is the free plan it offers. This plan provides a live chat and bot, team inbox, web forms, and mobile app integration, making it a perfect fit for life coaches looking to improve communications with clients. The 100 percent money-back guarantee Gist offers on their paid subscriptions is even more appealing. What's more, if your company has less than ten members, you can apply for a discount that saves you up to 93 percent on the $99 premium plan.

Gist’s impressive range of features promises to replace several apps in your toolkit. It combines live chat, calendar scheduling, lead generation, and market automation under a single platform, saving you the cost of subscribing to multiple software services.

Gist follows a three-step approach to increasing your customer count and boosting productivity. It provides a simple but powerful drag-and-drop form builder for targeted customer engagement. In addition, the chatbot software allows you to program engaging bots that automatically respond to customers and alter their behavior to match each customer. Lastly, the appointment scheduling software serves as a personal assistant, helping you to book meetings and manage your schedule. All of these features are automated so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Another of Gist's outstanding features is the marketing automation system that provides multiple ways of sending email campaigns. You can use the Visual Workflow Tool, an intuitive flow graph that allows you to define triggers, decisions, and parallel paths in executable blocks. On the other hand, the simpler Automation Rules offers a more linear and easily understood format. These tools can help you save time and money when running your company.

Despite its young age, Gist has converted many customers from other CRMs. Many customers on G2 state that they have abandoned their old CRM solutions in favor of Gist, with one customer urging prospects to:

“Make the switch - you’ll get the Gist of it quickly.”

Gist’s free plan has played a major role in facilitating this switch. Nevertheless, customers are willing to pay for more features, urging the development team to improve this software. With more than 10,000 paying customers in just two years, Gist is a strong contender for the best CRM for life coaches.

How To Pick the Right CRM for your Life Coaching Business

Choosing a CRM is hard, but it doesn’t have to be so for you. As a life coach, your CRM needs are unambiguous, so making the right choice often boils down to preference. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a tie-breaker, you should consider their offering of customer engagement tools and integrations with teaching software.

We have extensively researched each software on this list and tried them out for ourselves. Yet, as a final note of caution, it would be best to corroborate our claims with trusted review sites. You can also try out the free plans and free trials of these CRMs and choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Our Pick - Active Campaign

Active Campaign’s ease of use, advanced automation system, great value for money, and extensive integrations make it Toksta's top CRM software for life coaches in 2022.

Try Active Campaign Free

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