Back in April of 2020,  a time when much of the world was going through lock downs and the "physical" economy had come to a screeching halt, Eventcube — an events management software solution, reached out to us in dire straights.

The events industry was facing extinction. It fundamentally relied on the ability of people to travel freely and interact with other — something governments around the world had put an abrupt stop to. Physical events were no more and a dramatic pivot was required across the industry.

There was one shining light. "Virtual Events" were emerging as a solution to keeping events going during lockdowns and social distancing policy, companies like Hopin were raising hundreds of millions based on potential alone. The event category was gaining serious traction in an increasingly digital world.  

It was in this context that Eventcube reached out to us for assistance. They needed to get the word out about their new virtual events offering, which sat perfectly alongside their existing event ticketing and membership platform. We rose to the challenge.

Toksta have been a trusted content, marketing and analytics partner for Eventcube for over three years now. Their valuable insights and strategies have provided us with a consistent, evolving and lean growth strategy that consistently delivers results. They’ve helped us develop  an industry leading blog within the events space and provide excellent reporting so that we can track growth month on month. We have total confidence that our SEO and content strategy is taken care of.

Wil Troup - Co-founder of Eventcube


Eventcube's organic traffic was dropping off a cliff and founders Kieran Alington and Wil Troup were facing a devastating decision of whether to shut up shop and call it a day completely.  ‌‌‌‌

Eventcube's organic traffic death spiral during the 2020 pandemic

They had gained their early traction largely through word of mouth, providing event ticketing software to festivals, music events, conferences and more which via their event page subdomains had created some amazing links across the web.

In somewhat of a strong position SEO wise (a high DR of 70 and some incredible links from the likes of the Guardian and other UK based news behemoths), we were more than confident that with the right content strategy and some SEO optimization, Eventcube could begin ranking for some competitive, hi converting terms in a matter of months.  

We began putting an outreach and content marketing strategy together, targeting the core keywords in their niche.


First we carried out extensive keyword research to discover all the clusters related to their key offerings: event ticketing, memberships & virtual events.

We then ran an audit on all of the current pages on Eventcube's website, including blog pages to decipher whether they had the right content to rank for the keywords we wanted to target.

The results was a list of actionable steps than included:

  • Creation of new pages and blog posts to target core clusters
  • Updating certain pages to better target core keywords
  • UX and CTR improvement recommendations to improve sign up conversion rates and ability to rank
  • Core web vitals improvement recommendations
  • Suggested content calendar and publishing schedule
  • Outreach plan to build authority in virtual events
  • Data tracking, analytics installation and dashboard build to track success of campaigns

We put our writers, data analysts and outreachers to work and our team worked alongside the internal Eventcube team to action the tasks above.


The results speak for themselves, we overhauled the site, upgraded the blog and began publishing on a modest schedule. With minimal investment, we were able to grow Eventcube's organic traffic from 781 visits per month to 8,852 as of the writing of this article (06.02.2024).

Organic traffic growth

Organic traffic growth to

User growth

This has also converted to real business for Eventcube, in both virtual and physical events. Account creations have grown to 300+ per month with over 80% self selecting search engine and blog post as their lead source. Leads continue to grow quarter on quarter.

New users created over time

Referring Domain Growth

The increase in suer growth is also leading to an increase in referring domains as more events are created and link to from across the web.

New reffering domains over time

In conclusion, the journey of Eventcube through the tumultuous times of the 2020 pandemic underscores the resilience and adaptability required for businesses to thrive in uncertain environments. Faced with an existential threat to the events industry, Eventcube, guided by a strategic partnership and innovative digital marketing strategies, not only survived but thrived  Their success story is a testament to the power of effective SEO, content marketing and a patient digital marketing strategy.